• Have a pre-approval letter from your financial provider up to a set amount.  Many sellers will want this letter to accompany your offer. If you need a lender I have several to recommend; each provides a variety of mortgage options providing excellent service.
  • Hire a professional REALTOR® (That’s Me!)
    I have years of sales experience.
    I have access to multi listing services and to hundreds of fellow agents-agents-knowledgeable of future listings that you won’t find on the internet!
    I am a fierce negotiator!
    I am connected with everything Real Estate!
    I am tireless and devoted to your needs!
  • Partner with your professional Realtor® (ME AGAIN!) to find your perfect home.
    I learn all I can about your wants, needs, likes, and dislikes to find the right homes for you to choose from.
    I won’t stop looking until you are “in love” with your perfect home.
    I’m available to calmly address your concerns and get you the help you need to make this a smooth move.
  • Your Professional Realtor® (STILL ME!) will negotiate for YOU!
    I am a savvy and professional negotiator who will negotiate the price, added amenities, closing costs and time in your best interest.
    I will seal the best deal for you.
    I work with professional home inspectors, real estate attorneys, financial advisors and repair contractors.
    A thorough professional inspection assures you’re buying a house that is in good shape and has value.
    It’s desirable to have an appraisal to assure your home is valued at the purchase price or more.
    If repairs are needed, as indicated in the inspection, I will work with contractors for estimates and negotiate with the seller for financial compensation.
    Selecting an attorney with expertise in real estate with reasonable fees is important and I can help.
  • Get Ready to Move into Your New Home While Your Professional® (YOURS TRULY!) Handles All Pre-closing Details.
    I am constantly reviewing repair lists and agreements to assure you have a great buying experience.
    I’m There 4 U at the final walk through and review the final financial statements for correct figures.
    I’m There 4 U at the closing to hand you the keys to your new home.
  • Move into your new home and tell your neighbors and friends about your buying experience with your Realtor® (of course, That’s me too!)